Sex Involving Teens:

Fact:One in two sexually active young people will contract an STD by age 25. Find a health center and get tested.


Standard 1: The student will demonstrate the ability to implement decision making and goal setting skills to promote his/her personal health and wellness, thereby enhancing quality of life for him/herself and those around him/her

Learning Expectations:
1.1 Analyze the effectiveness of personal decision making as it relates to future health and wellness outcomes.
1.5 Identify choices and examine alternatives and consequences of each choice when making decisions as it relates to healthy living.

SPI:Identify sexual feelings common to adolescents and differeniate between having sexual feelings and acting on them.
SPI:Identify reasons for abstaining from sexual activity (e.g. unplanned pregnancy, infections, infertility, and life -long wellness.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are YOU Absintence Proof?

What Abstinence Is
To make a long story short, abstinence (also called celibacy) means different things to different people. For most, it means that a person is not having sexual intercourse. However, people define sexual intercourse differently, too: Some people consider anal and oral sex to be sexual intercourse, while other people don't. What matters most is that you know your own definition of abstinence and communicate it clearly to your partner.

What Abstinence Isn't
Abstinence isn't limited to people who are very religious or scared of sex. It's a choice like any other. And you can be a sexual person and an abstinent person at the same time.

You can practice it whether you're straight, gay or bi, and you get to decide your own reasons for doing it. For some people, these reasons are moral or religious, for others they have to do with preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Lots of people are abstinent simply because they want to make sure they're ready for all of the emotions and responsibility that go along with being sexually active.

Abstinence is the only 100% effective form of birth control and the only way you can guarantee you won't catch an STD.

If you aren't a virgin you can still choose abstinence with pride, you are not a hypocrite if you say yes one time and no another, even if it is to the same person.

Having sex is a big deal and abstaining from sex is more than acceptable. Despite what rumors and gossip may suggest, virgins are a majority in most high schools, not a minority.

If you kiss sombody passionately or get into heavy fooling around this does not mean that you have to go all the way and it does not make you a tease.

Intimacy takes many forms, intercourse is not the only or best way to show somebody the depth of you feelings. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.


  1. Great video...and I am abstinence proof...LOL!

  2. Learned something new and gave me a different outlook on several things

  3. I love your blog... This topic is one that all should address. Teens, men, and women "very important!" You addressed alot of issues and the video hit the spot. Love it :-)

  4. maurianna parker
    i love this stands out for most teens mens in relate to alot of average people.

  5. DaQuisha Dean
    I think being abstinence is a good thing and some people who are abstinence i think thats a good thing to do but some people do not belieave in that.


    I think abstinence is good for everybody but people dont believe in it but if people can be abstinence that is a great thing

  7. Terria Holland I think that practicing abstinence is the safest thing, but everyone dosen't have the same opinion.

  8. Cedric
    If you are abstinence that's great and keep it that way so you wan't catch any decease.

  9. Tyeisha

    well abstinence is good but if you loved that person and you know he love you ,you're going to want to show he how much you love him and he may be willin to wait but you want to prove to him that you love him.

  10. Hey hun! Your blog is very informative and definately an attention getter.I have given your site address to my students.I know that the information will be useful.