Sex Involving Teens:

Fact:One in two sexually active young people will contract an STD by age 25. Find a health center and get tested.


Standard 1: The student will demonstrate the ability to implement decision making and goal setting skills to promote his/her personal health and wellness, thereby enhancing quality of life for him/herself and those around him/her

Learning Expectations:
1.1 Analyze the effectiveness of personal decision making as it relates to future health and wellness outcomes.
1.5 Identify choices and examine alternatives and consequences of each choice when making decisions as it relates to healthy living.

SPI:Identify sexual feelings common to adolescents and differeniate between having sexual feelings and acting on them.
SPI:Identify reasons for abstaining from sexual activity (e.g. unplanned pregnancy, infections, infertility, and life -long wellness.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To Do It or Not To Do It....

To do it or not to do it... that is the question that plagues many teens. A mixture of hormones and social pressures make the drive to become sexually active very strong.

Many teens make the mistake of giving into their urges without thinking things through. Sex is more than just a pleasurable act; it is a physical risk and an emotional gamble. Here we list eight things to consider before having sex.

Be Sure You Are Really Ready
You may think you are ready, but do you KNOW that you are? Your body is sending you some confusing signals and your heart and mind just don't seem to agree about what you should do. You should know and trust your partner and yourself because once you have sex you can't take it back. Be smart, be sure and be ready if you want to have sex with no regrets.

Protect Yourself From Sexually Transmitted Infections
STIs, or sexually transmitted infections, are often one of the last things a teen thinks about when they become sexually active. During the immortal teen years things like illness and disease don't seem real so they are not considered important. This can be a life altering, even fatal, mistake. The fact is teens do have to have to worry. You should have this covered before having sex.

Protect Yourself From Pregnancy
When it comes to the risk of pregnancy teens are more realistic than they are when it comes to STIs. Teens know that having unprotected sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy. However, far too many boys still see this sort of protection as a girls problem and don't take proper precautions to protect themselves unless the girl insists. Boys need to think about birth control just as much as girls.

Know Why You Want to Have Sex
When hormones are raging it is very easy to confuse lustful urges for feelings of true love. The sense of desire brought on during puberty is new and it can be hard for a teen to know what to do with it. Add things like peer pressure, insecurity and the quest for independence to the mix and it could spell disaster. Your only defense is to be honest with yourself about why you want to have sex.

Remember That It's OK to Say No to Sex
It is a sad irony that being a "tease" and being "easy" are both considered bad. These labels speak to the immaturity with which many teens view sex. Having sex is not about what others think of you but what you think of yourself. You are the one who has to live in your skin so only you should dictate what you do with it. It is always OK to say no to sex. You should never go against your inner guide.


  1. Thoughts and Evaluation
    1. about sex and how u should trust yyourself and your partner. why we want to have sex.
    3.that to answer the questions their good to answer. the afcts that were givin about sex.
    5.i felt this assignment was catered to my learning style

  2. Answers to Thoughts and Evaluation questions
    1.At times when I may think about sex, it's really a mixture of feelings and emotions and that it's best if I find other ways to release them.

    2.That boys think I am responsible for providing protection for sex...this is crazy!

    3.There are SO many resourses out here...and there are so many things that we don't know when it comes to sex.

    4.That it teaches u alot about teen sex.

    5.I liked it because it was informative and interactive.

  3. I will say no to do it because it's a whole lot of STDS and HIV going around.You will have to really talk to them bout sex for them not to do it.Some teens will listen and some wiull not.

  4. 1.Be sure you are really ready: It is important that you as in yourself are ready not because you are being peer preassure to do it.
    2.Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections: This is extremely important for teens because to teens we don't think about it more we mostly think about is the pleasure and what we get out it.
    3.Protect yourself from pregnancy:It is easy to have sex but even easier to get pregnant. When you are ready to have sex make sure you are prepared. Make sure you have safety. Even though a gurl tells you she is on birth control just to be sure use safety any way.
    4.Know why you want to have sex: You don't have sex just because someone peer pressure you. Make sure thats the one (boy/girl) you want to have sex with not because your hormones are raging because after you have sex you will regret it. After having sex comes emotions.
    5.Remember that its ok to say no to sex: Even when your pants is down and you are fixing to do it you can always change your mind. Its really up to the girl whether you have sex or not. You can always say no. Its up to you listen to your heart....
    B.T.W Student (Jaceia Jones)

  5. Most times teens have sex because they think they are in love. but ironically, we take "love" as a different meaning. Teens think having sex is pleasing, but that's without thinking of the risks. I agree, there are bountiful of consequences that can erupt from sex, but yet many teens ignore it. Teens have the highest percentage of pregnancy in the midst of Tennessee. Why? Because they THINK they are ready or in "love". In conclusion, its not hard to say "no", or that you're not ready. Either we both are agreeable or we are nothing.
    BTW (JaQuila Banks)

  6. Shanikqua' Henderson

    Teens are trying to start their lives too early, but don't want the responsibilities that come with it; one being sex. Many teens are having sex at earlier and earlier ages without thinking about what it that they're getting themselves into. Sex is not a game when there is a huge possibility of you getting an STD or pregnancy. The most common answer that I hear of why teens have sex is because they're in love (think they're in love) with their spouse. I laugh every time I hear this answer because love is not a good reason in my opinion; love could kill you. The key is knowing that you are really ready