Sex Involving Teens:

Fact:One in two sexually active young people will contract an STD by age 25. Find a health center and get tested.


Standard 1: The student will demonstrate the ability to implement decision making and goal setting skills to promote his/her personal health and wellness, thereby enhancing quality of life for him/herself and those around him/her

Learning Expectations:
1.1 Analyze the effectiveness of personal decision making as it relates to future health and wellness outcomes.
1.5 Identify choices and examine alternatives and consequences of each choice when making decisions as it relates to healthy living.

SPI:Identify sexual feelings common to adolescents and differeniate between having sexual feelings and acting on them.
SPI:Identify reasons for abstaining from sexual activity (e.g. unplanned pregnancy, infections, infertility, and life -long wellness.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sex Education in Schools?

Should sex education be taught in schools? Do you think sex education in schools would help prevent teen sex? Teen pregnancy? Teens contracting STD's?

Will teaching sex education in schools help or hurt?


  1. yes i do think sex education should be taugh in schools

  2. Do you really think that it would prevent a lot of teens from getting pregnant?

  3. no because either way go teens are still gonna have sex.they have made commercials etc.and the rate of pregnant teen keeps going up.

  4. Good point. So, what do you think can be done to prevent or decrease the problem?

  5. Yes i think sex education should be taught in school because some kids dont have parents at home to teach them the right way to take care of themselves and prevent diseases and stuff.

  6. yes sex education should be taught in the classroom. there is no such thing as too much education be it class or at home.
    I dont think this would prevent sex but education could definitely help decrease the numbers in std's and pregnancies.

    has education ever hurt anyone?


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